Monday, October 18, 2021



The man who won Sumo eight times announced he’s retiring for the second time

Kamikazu Hakuho was more than the most decorated sumo wrestler in the world. He was and is a man ahead of his time, beloved and admired by fans across the globe. I wrote about...

Detroit Lions: As Stafford went wild, the Seahawks went down

As the last Seattle Seahawks players slid into position to get a jump on the jumbo scrum of press photographers, Matthew Stafford and Matt Stafford met one-on-one at the head of the line. Detroit...

Not all studies show that calorie counting can’t help with weight loss. We reexamine some of the recent research.

There has been much debate lately about how much calories we should eat and, when we reach that final number, what to do about it. The entire ethos of calorie counting is at odds...

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