Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Poland Plans To Expand Border Security To Stop Migrants

Poland is considering extending border security operations amid the tragic death of two migrants traveling to the EU via Hungary. An official from the Polish interior ministry revealed to the American Public Radio that this month the Polish border police will expand their operations. They’ll take over the patrols from Hungarian police. This takes place as several European Union countries initiate refugee camps in Croatia.

For now, Hungary is conducting the border security operations. Two border police officers were killed in a small motor accident on the Serbian side of the border over the weekend. The police were traveling from the western border of Hungary toward Slovakia.

Poland, though, is considering increasing its border force since one migrant, Hussein Ahmed, 22, of Ethiopia, passed out during a police ambush in Serbia and died after his suitcase fell on him. A passerby told local media that he heard Ahmed chanting, “Don’t let me die today, please let me live, I’m Syrian,” before he passed out.

“We will review all measures to reinforce border security measures and after this review we will do this,” the interior ministry official told APR radio. “And in order to do this, we need for example, good cooperation with the other countries in the region,” the official said.

Hungary also patrols the border with Serbia, and also says it will offer extra assistance to the neighboring country to help control the flow of migrants from the EU to Serbia and countries further down to Italy. The Hungarian government says it will work with the EU to monitor and control the flows of migrants as well as establish a detention center where those people coming from Serbia could be detained. The country would also reportedly freeze any financial assistance sent to countries in Europe where migrants are not properly registered and do not seek asylum.

This is a first in an EU member state. On Sunday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Romania that the only solution for the migration crisis was “to prevent any flow of migrants from Serbia to Hungary.”

“Instead of the hopelessness and people leaving Kosovo, we should set up an efficient and effective system that allows the people to come to a country like this,” Orban said, “but such a system does not currently exist. And now we are under fire for not respecting international laws.”

Source: WAKA

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