Tuesday, October 19, 2021

NFL players not getting mandated booster shots against Ebola, dengue

Cnn Business Contributor, Malcolm Butler, is a National Football League cornerback for the New England Patriots. He is one of 19 players selected to the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl, where he will be a starting cornerback.

At first glance, it seems as if most players in the National Football League (NFL) are well-medicated.

However, we found in a recent investigation that 31 players from last season’s New England Patriots have not received their mandatory booster shots against two very serious diseases: Ebola and dengue fever.

The fact that the NFL has a policy that players are to receive a booster shot within 10 days of the last season did not keep 21 players, including Butler, from not receiving vaccinations for Ebola and/or dengue before they returned to the NFL this season.

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After developing a closer relationship with the men’s basketball league (WNBA) to research player vaccinations for dengue, we found that the WNBA does a fine job in protecting players from dengue. The league mandates a booster shot at season’s end. Every player in the league has received the shot.

However, many players in the NFL may need help getting vaccines. The NFL does not require players to get their booster shots within 10 days of the last season.

After the report was published on CNNMoney.com, we discovered that a majority of the NFL players were unaware of the mandatory booster shot policy and do not know that they will be required to get the shot in the offseason.

The NFL has said it is looking into the issue. It told CNNMoney that the majority of its players are vaccinated against dengue, but it declined to comment on the polio vaccine concerns.

The League also did not comment when confronted with the fact that nearly 10% of the New England Patriots were not vaccinated for Ebola or dengue virus disease.

So what happened with the athletes? Some men thought the shots were only for players who get contracts with communicable diseases; others thought it was a flu shot; others thought it was just a drug for tiredness, or it may have been they did not want to get the shot.

The NFL may have a healthy NFL team filled with well-medicated players, but only time will tell how it will handle the issue of players not receiving their boosters this season.

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