Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Man arrested near the Capitol near the DNC

Police in DC say they have arrested a man “with some sort of knife on his vest and a machete on his truck” near the DNC

According to a tweet from DC’s Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), a man with “some sort of knife on his vest and a machete on his truck” near the Capitol was arrested.

There was no arrest record on the individual, who had not yet been released as of 1:42 p.m. ET.

Police will inform police when and where the individual is going to be taken.

Police said earlier Thursday that there was “an imminent threat” to the Democratic National Convention in DC. “Police are working diligently to ensure the safety of all attendees, attendees in town for the convention, and the public,” they tweeted.

According to WTOP, “the threat involves threats against the Monuments and Fine Arts Protection Board.”

The board is “working with city officials to secure several sites throughout the city. They include the current site of the convention as well as other city properties,” spokesperson Ed Doherty told WTOP.

The threat is being handled by the city’s Safe Streets Initiative.

This tweet comes after law enforcement officers used tear gas to disperse hundreds of attendees protesting the police killing of a Missouri man named Earl Gresham during a traffic stop, Tuesday night.

According to reports from CNN affiliate WJLA, the protesters, who were outside the museum of the African Diaspora, had previously been in the streets of downtown Washington demanding justice for Gresham. The protest, which started about 4 p.m. on Constitution Avenue NW, was reportedly sanctioned by the Black Lives Matter DC group.

Dolores Gresham, the victim’s mother, told CNN that her son’s death occurred “like a slaughterhouse.”

Gresham was driving his Chevy Tahoe when a group of men in an unmarked police car pulled up next to him. Police said the group approached the vehicle, demanding identification, and Gresham refused, resulting in an argument.

CNN has reached out to the MPD for comment. CNN also has not received a comment from the Monuments and Fine Arts Protection Board.

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