Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Late-night earthquake shakes area from Crete to Greece and Yugoslavia

After a 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck the southwest shore of Crete, in the early hours of Saturday morning, a magnitude 6.1-magnitude aftershock was felt less than an hour later, CNN reported.

Thousands of residents in the region took to social media to share images and stories of the damage caused by the quake. The temblor was felt across a large section of the coast, prompting some homeowners in neighboring countries to send in videos showing otherworldly scenes of broken balconies and collapsed walls.

Stopped for a few minutes outside my house in a bussa just west of Santorini as the shock passed through Ioannina. Looking up, I saw the earth slipping sideways. Definitely the most powerful I’ve felt in 15 years — Neil Bissell (@neilbissell) May 18, 2019

Incredible landscape still on Izoans pic.twitter.com/hpn8JILiOA — Geoff Wilkinson (@GeoffWilkinson) May 18, 2019

Next stop, #NunesShops! Someone was lucky enough to start buying before the police shut down restaurants and stores yesterday due to the quake. pic.twitter.com/Y8HAlwWxmD — Jason Walker (@jwalkeryalex) May 18, 2019

Izoans 😰 pic.twitter.com/NBwo2q97EW — Austin Lockhart (@AustinLockhart) May 18, 2019

Thankfully, all deaths and injuries have been reported in the region, though this might not mean it hasn’t had an impact on residents.

“I hope my house is not damaged, my house is the only one on the waterfront on my street,” said 70-year-old Tosca Polynikos. “I hope that we can rebuild it, and live without any fear for the rest of my life.”

And hundreds of frantic people throughout Crete are seeking health care for more severe injury.

Casakis’ Hospital in Kalkia-Mylantes: “We already have already 700 patients, who are traumatized and first some necessary examinations are carried out on the family members, then the patient arrives here.”

Breoto Hospital : “Already we have 700 patients, this morning with 6 dead bodies.”

Macedonia: We have already 11 patients. In our department we have 15 people already.”

The coast has also sustained a strong tsunami scare following the earthquake.

Disaster management officials have stated that the wave was measured at 19 feet but, so far, it has turned out to be nothing to worry about.

See the shocking images below.

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