Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Snopes isn’t above lying, researcher finds. Read this video | Critical Underscore: Unaccountable Culture

This article originally appeared on Critical Underscore: Unaccountable Culture.

A recent study showed that people are more likely to believe lies when other people endorse them. And according to Proofreads, a fact-checking and citation management system, not being fact-checked can do the same thing.

Even a site set up to expose lies isn’t above lying itself, according to this incredible series of tweets from TheCofounderOfTheFactCheckingSite.org.

The series chronicles Snopes.com co-founder Peter Van Valkenburgh’s “exposure” of how he fabricated several articles under a pseudonym, from claiming to have created a list of “secret Hitler police” in the 1970s to describing the use of “good vibes” at a gym.

Although Van Valkenburgh is no longer actively working at Snopes, his article, which has now been taken down, is still up on the site. You can see this video of him at the center of the series as well:

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