Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Court Case Seeking to Convict Makeup Artist for ‘Stealing’ Wedding Dress Backfires

Hayley Paige, a Manhattan, New York-based wedding dress designer, says she has been denied access to her Instagram page and her own identity on social media — after a divorce over money and a California-based photographer “stole” a wedding dress she was designing.

“They basically came into my photography studio, claiming I was trying to steal some of their business,” Paige told me on Fox News Radio’s ‘Fox & Friends First.’ “For somebody who’s [a] stand-up entrepreneur, who’s done this all her life, who’s had to fight for everything she has, the last thing I want to do is sit in a court room with a stranger, taking pictures of someone whose feeling violated and I want my name back.”

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Hayley Paige is a founder of Lizzie Paige, a line of wedding dresses sold on Nordstrom.com and has an Instagram following of more than 200,000.

According to Paige, she created more than 2,000 photos and well over 200 videos of her wedding dress creation, only to have them deleted by her ex-husband, Andrew. Paige believes her ex’s attorney wants to embarrass her online, particularly to her outlet of choice — Instagram.

“I love my fans so much, so when they started watching everything go down, which has also been taken down now, it just made me sad because I can’t be a happy bride to a happy wedding on my own and all of that goes away,” Paige told me.

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Jen Kempston, an attorney with the Legal Aid Society and NJ Appleseed Center for Law and Poverty, says California’s lawsuit “takes aim” at the social media use of Paige’s clients and may open up a legal precedent to other social media users to sue their employers for using their names and private social media content.

“This is one of the few actions that can go down as a violation of First Amendment rights. The California case does not call for the shut down of Instagram but it says that you cannot be a business on Instagram,” she told me.

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