Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Is this really a pop-up? Eat here, stay here at Disney World

Written by By Nick Fates, CNN

Disney World in Florida is famous for its offerings for people on the move: food-and-drink fairs, parade floats, inflatable rides and watercraft.

The “World’s Most Magical Resort,” as Disney World is called, also offers some exclusive treats to those who linger, like snacks sold at Disney restaurants. Here are a few favorites on the menu.

“The in-park” white-chocolate popcorn cake from The Chocolate Shoppe at Magic Kingdom (and other locations in the parks) is inspired by candy-making at the company’s original location on Main Street U.S.A. The cake has a flaky, fudgy texture and is served with homemade marshmallow frosting.

But apparently some say the cake is not as chocolatey as it sounds. One Fun Like My Mom blog has rated the candy claiming it is “terrible.” According to another, many first-time visitors to the chocolate shoppe are disappointed when they try the cake.

“Dance Driven” Disney-themed dances are performed around Magic Kingdom every day. Watch dancers in action on YouTube or click through the above gallery to see more.

The Kids Club has kits for children to create their own Disney Mickey Mouse snow globe, which may be worth as much as $230. The snow globes come with a black frosting and melted chocolate. They’re sold at the World of Disney store in the Magic Kingdom.

The Disney-themed Fruit Ballet dessert in Magic Kingdom by Le Petit Citron dessert shop is a little wonky: berries are airlifted between two plates. When you bite into one, the berries are deep-fried; the other is served with chocolate-dipped vanilla ice cream.

Hansa croissants, served at New Orleans Square (adjacent to Magic Kingdom), are among the most elaborate treats in the whole of Disney World. Think croissants rolled in sesame seeds and cornflakes. The company has also created croissant-shaped foie gras. And you might be surprised to know that an astonishing 13.1 million croissants are sold in Florida during the summer months.

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