Tuesday, October 19, 2021

America’s Longest Living Man: Data Is Vital in Building, Supporting and Celebrating Life

Today, America’s oldest human, Josie Stites of Seamus (34), and even the world’s youngest migrant child, Lianna Perez of New York, are toasting at the age of 36 and 34 respectively.

America’s leading longevity companies have been growing at a record pace for nearly a decade now, backed by ever-greater customer spending. By the end of this decade, or ‘2029, across the U.S., a great health care paradigm shift, driven by an enhanced delivery, more targeted and mobile-focused approaches, is set to create economic climate for long-life evolution in which, of course, longevity and mobility will be more relevant to the workplace.

Today’s loneliest man, 85-year-old John Hilton of Miami Beach, whose autobiography Left Me … Because I Live in a Guest House writes the book on long life, posted his response to the report:

My philosophy is that:

I am still alive at the age of 85 and in this life… life is short… and life is very, very, very, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY short… Many of my friends are dead…

Yorkshire Domain Estate in Scotland has recently asked the same question: “How to Win a Lifetime of Attractiveness?”

So we at he Hipstart are proud to open our sister program, The Pop Life, dedicated to helping Americans of all ages with the serious attitude adjustment that their lives are broken-down into tiny pieces that have to be fit together for something more meaningful.

In this post-truth world of fake news and free speech, we are posting to provide a respite from daily, distracting #tofu fuel, the energy of the last thirty minutes of TV. You’re all too familiar with their repetition, but with our nimble and smart pop energy, we can drill down deep into the soul of what makes an American nervous, and get into the root of their fear of running out of time.

This antidote to the current media, erm, driver is the first place you have to start.

The announcement of a new series of workshops across the U.S. is one the music industry has been waiting for. Pop Life will be incubating innovative pop and wellness-themed ideas, convening workshops, creating pop-up events, and providing support and connections to music creators and business people of all backgrounds… which can then be turned into the next big movement. We believe long-life, longevity and health care will truly make a comeback and that you can play a role in re-inventing the American and global way of thinking about life, work and life itself.

Join us now, join us soon, and thank you in advance for your time, your love and your capacity for imagination.

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