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Instagram silences veggies? It’s time to fix it

By Ashley Hurwitz, for CNN • Updated 20th May 2017

We’re bombarded with new food trends on Instagram every day, but one grown woman may have hit the nail on the head after she shared a story about her daughter’s account

“My daughter asked me why there weren’t any meat-free options for her vegetarian diet… which is okay, I think,” Nicole Derwin-Meyer tweeted. “However, she asked me why we didn’t have any #vegetarian hash tags in the App, which would’ve allowed her to show off the different dishes she was trying.”

Derwin-Meyer says that while her daughter uses vegan images in her #veganphotocontests, the Instagram app simply doesn’t allow the 20-month-old to take posts like #veganraison and #veganvegan on her own account.

Derwin-Meyer fears that other parents could encounter the same problem if they don’t take action on the issue.

“What if a parent didn’t remember that hashtags didn’t exist and left their child with the default account and turned it over to someone else? They could run into issues or risk losing the account altogether!”

#InstagramQuietsKids, a new post on Derwin-Meyer’s Twitter account, now acknowledges the issue as one that needs to be addressed.

In an email to CNN, an Instagram spokesperson confirmed that hashtags on posts aren’t explicitly required to reveal which food products they come from, which makes a food account highly customizable, but that the social media site and its users recognize the potential negative impact that it could have on some users.

“We’ve seen concerns around our failure to allow certain hashtags on photos and we have been investigating options to add language to food photos to make it clear when content requires tagging (e.g. “This dish comes from,” “This meal contains”, etc.) or not,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson told CNN that Instagram is currently in the process of testing a tool that would allow food lovers to tag their food without revealing their age.

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