Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Dr. David Hartley: Time is a finite resource – sometimes it takes a toll

“Life’s most important asset is time,” The New York Times said.

Yes, that is exactly why time is valuable. Meaningful, worthwhile, emotionally and intellectually valuable.

They may have a point.

Sometimes having more time is a blessing, and sometimes I feel my time is taking a toll.

It’s not necessarily my job to rest and recharge. But it can be beneficial for some parts of my job.

I read an article recently saying that people have been working nonstop for the last 15 years. This average lifespan is above the National Sleep Foundation recommended time of 7-9 hours a night.

I thought about that this week when I wrote a story that came in just after bed time. I had to record it by 9 p.m. this time. I usually get my story in the lab after it’s okay to record; after 9:30 p.m. I don’t want to wake my team and taint their night, so I finish it during my early-morning wake-up call at the hospital.

In this case, I was napping on an old phone to get that test completed.

I’ve been trying to catch a few quick glasses of wine this week. I have to make sure to catch that break in my 20- to 30-minute routines. I could be sleepy and can’t get back up on my feet.

My colleagues and I still try to find something we can agree on when it comes to kids. For me, I have to strike that balance of being with my kids during the week and having a flexible schedule on the weekends.

I know I have both it and other peoples’ schedules to contend with. Those on the weekend schedule often have to stay late or host a party, so some sort of balance is pretty tough to strike.

On one hand, I might think, it’s about me. I am the executive who needs to be around. I am so busy with my team and a lot of work.

On the other hand, I can see that working extra hours takes its toll on people. The critics want to excuse me from a little rest in the middle of the day. I have to remind myself that life isn’t all about me, and that’s okay.

Dr. David Hartley is a physician in an ER at a Kansas City area hospital and a business owner specializing in home healthcare. You can read more of his stories on his blog, www.doctorhartley.com.

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