Tuesday, October 19, 2021

How Germany’s new leader plans to overhaul the country

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s former hand-picked chancellor designate, who won today’s elections with a massive mandate, promised to boost innovation, connect workers, modernize industry and “halt man-made climate change” in his own declaration of government.

The e-state’s passionate advocate for robotisation and policy innovation, proposed “a state fully at the service of the general prosperity of the entire population and of each one’s workplace and life,” a manifesto for governing Germany’s social democrats.

The ambition of the job isn’t to create new jobs but to provide more jobs through new initiatives: against unemployment, to offer childcare and healthcare, to foster entrepreneurs, higher wages, end dependence on migrant workers, and combat female subjugation by sexual terrorism, beginning with murder in Cologne and sexual assault across Germany on New Year’s Eve. It is all done “with an attitude of solidarity” to promote women’s self-determination “out of our desire to fulfill this duty to make better.”

After a decade in office, Scholz is set to become the fourth and richest of the 12 members of the regional governments that form the five-member German republic. His pledge is an extravagant and potentially divisive tax-cutting agenda: a plan to support nearly all taxes that are paid by working Germans into four national funds run by the Finance Ministry. These regional funds would finance projects for low-income wage earners, women’s education, and low-income parents, and in the struggle against climate change.

Scholz has repeatedly claimed that the winner-take-all system of corporate taxes incentivizes the corporate elite to escape the city of Berlin. “I want the federal government to tell companies and politicians that we’re not ashamed to say that taxes are not aimed at finding answers to everyday human needs, but at cutting carbon dioxide emissions,” he says.

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