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Tech to the rescue! Here’s how to gain back iPhone space after you delete

Journaling your iPhone all the way through spring with this handy hack from our friends at eHow

Tech to the rescue! There are a lot of tips out there for saving iPhone space – here’s one way to gain back space after you delete!

The contents of your iPhone may be filling it up with dead space. Find out what’s really to blame.

I wanted to dive into iPhone storage space before it became a second home for personal devices, mementos and photos.

Each app and game you have, you delete!

A lengthy app update requires a lot of data, which you delete. Depending on the size of the update, an app may demand as much as 1,000 megabytes or more. Then there are the games!

Every time a new game comes out, you remove many of the files associated with the game. Sometimes, you delete the game itself in order to save space – but you may have lost important data in the process. You may also delete several copies of the same game, to keep it alive even after you’ve turned the default graphics off. To preserve your data, grab the game patch download and flip through. You’ll see if your favorite app gets in a lot of trouble, with your information being lost and you missing out on some of your favorite games.

Digital seeds to create a happy environment

You may be using your iPhone in a pretty noisy environment. Showering, walking around, talking to anyone and often keeping your phone on – wherever you go – will render your iPhone incredibly noisy.

Over time, some apps – like the YouTube Android app, for example – will run in your background without your knowledge. While this isn’t the worst thing in the world, it’s been commonly known to cause iPhone headaches. This is why you often hear about horror stories about people who accidentally tapped the home button and lost their lives. Not a great thing to think about when you’re trying to charge up your phone for a long flight.

That’s where having a blank, clear, space available can really help. Try this tip to spare yourself some sound: plug in headphones and your iPhone screen from the audio input and activate Quiet mode by pushing the Sleep/Wake button three times.

Here’s a quick fix to improve your iPhone’s ability to display random messages.

Navigating with a screen that’s already turned off can be rough. Making mistakes can mean losing some important data! If you’re experiencing some crappy screen-driven mistakes, use this article as a template to turn screen-off on the fly.

Turning off your iPhone can be especially annoying when looking for the photos you took to share with family or friends on social media.

Turning off screen savers can save your precious photos from ruining your iPhone’s display.

Turns out, Twitter is already taking this home screen feature a step further and is updating their home screen to hide time. View your timeline to see when new tweets are rolling in.

Often times, you’ll find that you need to delete an app simply for the sake of allowing your iPhone to do what it can do. Instead of admitting defeat and giving up, start the deletion process! Some apps are expendable. Take stock of the apps you absolutely don’t need.

For the ones you do need, follow these steps to prevent unnecessary deletion. It will help you make the best use of space and make room for the apps that really matter to you. You’ll save yourself a lot of pain in the future.

These are just some of the main tips on saving iPhone space. Don’t forget that Dropbox can help you manage your files – you can always download Dropbox at myweeklycrap-instant archive. If you have a favorite online storage option, you can share this page with your coworkers, too.

Any and all tips and tricks will greatly help your iPhone! Not having enough storage space can add up, and can be costing you valuable time, an expensive smartphone or worse, a lost iPhone. Be sure to share your tips with your friends, and let us know what you’ve discovered! We’d love to see some great iPhone tips!

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