Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Instagram now lets your kids create vertical videos

Instagram is pausing some features for younger users, like New Years resolutions, in a new update that introduces Kids Mode, that gives their parents a more visual and convenient way to create and share vertical videos.

The feature is optional and only available in the U.S.

Children ages 13 and under can add friends and create their own Instagram accounts with this new Kids Mode. Parent controls and influence can also be disabled from the Android or iOS app.

Instagram introduced Instagram Stories last year for adults, which also provides for a limited set of features that are accessible only to adults. But the move to create Kids Mode is meant to step up the learning curve and help parents understand how to use it.

But there are limits to what Kids Mode will give you: a simplified list of buttons with a couple of new emoji, an optional composition button and the ability to create a vertical video. Most adult features like posting a selfie, public account and following other users aren’t available, so don’t expect to immediately be able to go ahead and share a goofy cartoon picture with your friends.

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