Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Former Fox News reporter Mike Cernovich discusses Al Franken, the Arizona investigation

The former editor of Fox News Channel who penned an article for the Atlantic called “Why It Would Be Dangerous For Al Franken to Be Elected in 2020” called Arizona to talk about next week’s event.

Mike Cernovich said that he called Arizona because he wanted to “check on whether Trump supporters wanted Al Franken to be elected next year” after The Daily Beast quoted Cernovich attacking Franken in their recent article.

Cernovich also told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he was “very worried” about the Arizona investigation being conducted by the Cyber Ninjas due to its “hypocrisy.”

Cernovich continued to encourage readers to see that Facebook was working with ABC News to interview Arizona Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick about the use of fake ads bought by foreign nationals on Facebook.

“We have information that the Huffington Post can put out and the perpetrators of this or their allies may not be ready to say that,” he added.

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