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Mark Morris Dances Through The Ages

Saturday, 21 November 2019:

“I didn’t expect this big of a response. It’s heart-warming,” said Mark Morris about his work.

After more than 50 years of commercial dance, Mr Morris, 85, is dancing again, and presenting his original, signature material. The Mark Morris Dance Group is one of the most original and admired dance ensembles of our time. Over four decades, they have pioneered a movement vocabulary and look that brings choreography into our contemporary world. It is a role that has brought them, and many other visual and performing artists, international acclaim.

For his World Premiere of ‘Water’ Mr Morris wanted to explore the concept of water and living in a world of drought. Set to a score by Martin Crimp that consists of polyphonic variations on the same clarinet part, water, he said, is a universal metaphor and “a symbol of the earth and the life that exists on it.”

Water also evokes the elements of space and colour: “Water is the energy in our universe. It speaks to the magic, imagination, and energy of human beings. So it’s quite obvious that we should look at water in this fashion,” he said.

Rafe Lipman and Simon Neal created and dressed the dancers while Liza Barker and Anne Midgley provided sets and costumes.

Mr Morris was joined by key collaborators including Barry Davidow, Bob Taylor, and DJ Shannon. The production was filmed for the documentary by Andre de Laxe, director of the Festival de Montréal’s film festival.

Festival de Montréal – May 21 to June 8, 2019

Mark Morris Dance Group – Blackbirds on Ruby St

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