Tuesday, October 19, 2021

#SquidGame 2: The mysterious cult series is back with teasers, and they’re bloody

SKY International Drama. The winners of the second season of South Korea’s Netflix hit “Squid Game” have released 10 new teasers for their next series and, like the previous titles of the show, they are in an ethereal, understated style. The first six teasers were released by the actors and actresses on their Twitter accounts, and the last five were revealed Tuesday on Facebook.

In season 2, the players will be only three and have reached the last stage of karaoke battles with their opponents.


The source of the latest season of the game is currently unknown, but it is expected to take place somewhere on the nightlife strip-mall coast of South Korea.

The teasers reveal this early stage in the game will involve a modified K-drama phenomenon (basically, where the series’ plot goes when the events it has already instigated are resolved) – in the first two teasers, it shows two rival K-drama stars discussing who is more popular, the actor from the last series of the original “Squid Game” series or the other star. We also see scenes of the new team exchanging their heads and riding a phallic-shaped luge while only smoking cigarettes.

Much has been written about the unique style of the actors and actresses who appear in the first seasons of the “Squid Game” Korean streaming TV series, but their “crypto-superstar” status makes one thing obvious – they do not appear in the Seoul-based television series until audiences are quite intimately acquainted with them. (As one Twitter commentator pointed out, Jin-hyung Oh was hardly ever on TV without taking off his suit at all. Yes, such “TV drama makeovers” are also said to result in beauty queens becoming talented actresses.) Even in addition to their Twitter accounts, they have been tweeting a lot on the official “Squid Game” page for the past year and even have their own personal Instagram accounts.

“Squid Game” is subtitled in English, so it is expected that Netflix will release several more teasers – the next one will only be available for a short period of time.

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