Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Angelina Jolie says Brad Pitt was ‘totally out of control’

Angelina Jolie opened up to Vanity Fair about her ongoing custody battle with Brad Pitt, and accused her soon-to-be ex-husband of being “spiraling out of control.”

She wrote in the magazine that Pitt, 54, is being vindictive in their court case and threatened to reveal that he is addicted to alcohol and is using drugs. Jolie also alleged Pitt is isolating himself from his children and treated them as his “things,” not his children.

After reading the article, in which Jolie, 43, confessed she felt forced to divorce her husband amid allegations that Pitt had an affair with his then-step-daughter, Maddox, 15, she claimed her own children played a big role in making the split.

“My kids are my life. All of my focus is in being a good mother and helping them find a way through this,” she said, referring to her brood of six children. “They have been brilliant with all of this… Whatever else comes along, it’s the success of my kids.”

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Jolie wrote that her parents divorced when she was 12 years old and while she was “gutted,” she knew she had to do what was best for her family. As to her estranged husband, Jolie called him “erratic” and revealed that she and her estranged husband had discussed taking the children to court to get them to testify.

“As much as I tried to be the best mother I could, I was also going through a difficult marriage myself, and I just wasn’t able to dedicate the time needed to maintain a healthy relationship with my children,” she wrote. “We are and forever will be a family. I would do anything for my children. My children are my life. I will always protect them.”

Jolie also claimed she wanted a “happy, healthy, united family” for her children, while Pitt, who has his own arrangement with primary custody of their six children, said he and his ex were equally committed to their kids.

“I’ve been trying really hard for a long time to have a relationship with my children and this court case has just made it harder,” Pitt told Vanity Fair. “We’re trying to do the best we can as parents and I’m saddened that we’re at this place. My children are my life. I will always protect them. I believe that one day we’ll get to a place where we can all be happy and healthy.”

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