Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Lifestyle tips for climates of the world

Written by Haley Chisnall, CNN

It’s here.

It’s hot.

It’s sticky.

It’s about to get a lot hotter.

Now what?

The Middle East

As the summer runs its course, turning to the colder months, the ability to adapt is key. Extreme weather and power outages leave kids without electricity and residents with no fridge or television.

If you’re traveling in the Middle East, you don’t need to be a climate wizard to devise a strategy for dealing with the heat. It’s simply the smart move.

But when it comes to “green” vacationing, you have to take additional precautions. If you want to be outside all day, you may want to turn on air conditioning and plan to use it very little.

And you may want to take the cleaning out of your hotel room to the next level. It’s pretty easy to do a little spring cleaning without killing anyone — a fair laundry load a day is just about enough.

Quick tips:

Make your own food and your own water. You’re meant to take showers, not barbeques. (Water bottles also make life better.)

Now that you’ve eaten well, start off the day before you go out taking time to exercise and meditate. That way, you’re in the best possible shape to head out for the day and beat the heat.

So basically, you just need to do your own thing.


And when you think about it, the warmer months also generally make it a better time to visit. That means that it’s not just drought-prone areas where you’ll have to be alert.

Throw yourself a party in the middle of the desert. Find a great spot with a sun-dappled view and invite everyone. The pungent and oppressive odor of sand and steam will make you feel alive, not panicked.

Get a sound-proof canopy for the air conditioner. You don’t want the uncomfortable silence during the day.

On a rainy day, complain to your driver about how it’s just impossible to get out of the vehicle. He’ll either laugh it off and keep moving — or he’ll steer you back to where you came from.

Also, when eating and drinking in a restaurant, enjoy the service and the flavor of food instead of the heat, wind and sweat that swirls around you in the Middle East.


And maybe, just maybe, your best idea is to look to cool breezes as you go to Oman.

A country near the equator, Oman is undergoing a mild weather transition.

There’s about three months in the summer when Omanis are literally trying to melt from the heat and then there’s about three months in the winter when the country is experiencing almost daily lows in the 50s.

You can’t go south to where the winter falls for too long. But you can get in on the flighty south coast of Oman and learn some tricks for how to dress and enjoy the sun.

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