Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Patent details Facebook’s augmented reality glasses

The recent patent for Facebook’s futuristic glasses, published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, really has people talking. From the sky scraping Facebook date to the stark design with multiple mirrors above the eyes, the patent paints a picture of a futuristic eyewear that could totally change how you interact with your social network.

So what will we see?

A pair of lenses with a flexible bend at the top, extending up over the top and in front of the ear. That two-tone effect, visible throughout the patent, is meant to blur the perspective of the wearer’s head so they look like they’re floating above the world.

An even more drastic addition to the lenses’ appearance could involve a gray lens which covers a large portion of the top and bottom of the lense. Here you’d only be able to see white noise, the shape of the eye and your eyes for a few moments.

The patent does not go into much detail about where the cameras are placed or what they may be capable of. But whatever they’re involved with, we bet we’ll see it sometime soon!

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