Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Hurricane Ida set to bring intense winds to Ireland, other countries

Hurricane Ida, which is set to make landfall in Ireland on Saturday evening, still looks to be a powerful, Category 3 storm — and some landings are still possible. Hurricane-force winds — rated as 39 miles per hour or higher — are expected to hit Ireland first. But the storm could also bring intense winds to the West Coast of the United States and the East Coast.

Two preparatory cyclone warnings for Ireland remain in effect until 9 p.m. Irish time, and one hurricane warning continues until 6 a.m. local time on Sunday. The Irish weather service RTE has published its updated two-day forecast, which doesn’t assume that these two warnings will be lifted.

What the updated forecast, which is updated hourly, is missing is the timing. But it does appear that there are different parts of Ireland that are in line for possible hurricane force winds, and that Ida could hit each of them in different ways. It’s hard to tell which areas of Ireland will be hit hardest until things start to settle out.

The country is set to travel through high tides and heavy rains on Saturday night and into Sunday. Many areas could see storm surges and flash flooding.

Public transportation will likely be affected. Check the website for bus, train and taxi services.

Ida was initially expected to leave its mark in Northern Ireland and northern Scotland, with winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. But as of Thursday night, it’s looking like it could sweep westward along the coast of Ireland, where it could damage or devastate some areas.

Storms like Ida tend to bring severe storms to Ireland every summer, which has led many residents to stock up on emergency supplies. The government has advised residents of affected areas to move all furniture to upper stories and to keep children and pets inside their houses until the storm passes.

Water levels could be affected by the storm, with evacuation or sandbag preparations underway.

Arts and culture organizations have also been calling for extra cash to take care of these extra matters.

Police and emergency responders are also warning residents about dangerous winds. Don’t make use of blimps, and stay far away from sea walls if you see one.

The Irish government has extended its official alert by a day, to Aug. 10.

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