Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Dear Hollywood Assistants Around The World, please stop blaming my ass for working on a 3-week shutdown

Dear Many Hollywood Assistants Around The World,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience that many of you experienced when Hollywood accidentally shut down for 3 weeks for health and safety inspections. We’re not responsible for the inconvenience and have nothing to do with how you’re feeling.

Please don’t get mad at me; I didn’t force you to work. By law, assistants are required to be employed by an organization. Our policies require that people to us are employed to properly perform their jobs and that we provide required training. Unfortunately, that doesn’t often happen. At times, if an assistant doesn’t have the training necessary to perform the job, the job will not be performed properly.

Please don’t hate on Hollywood because we had no part in it. The problem is that it’s very difficult to develop policies in this industry and get them properly executed.

I would like to commend the brave Hollywood Creative Artists Agency assistants, who volunteered to continue working while serving the production team. Many of you have tweeted screenshots of our Subway lunch, however, there’s another possibility.

Many HPA assistants are starving! Some are not even employed. The only insurance you have against hunger is full employment in a company that gives you sick days, and at this time, that isn’t possible.

The only way to ensure your survival is to give us a job!

On behalf of your guardians,

a professional employment agent.

By X (her name will not be disclosed).

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